Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Remember in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (a flick with an admittedly harsh approach but lots of valid points too) when Alec Baldwin’s character, Blake, talks about the ABC’s of sales – Always Be Closing?

Part of the close is the pitch. And when it comes to your career, the most important sales pitch you’ll ever make is the one that involves selling you! That pitch starts WAY before the interview.

Regardless of whether you are trying to position yourself as the best candidate for a new job, the job you have now and want to hold onto or the one on the next rung of the ladder in your current company, it’s in your best interest to consciously “Always Be Closing.”

That includes a lot more stuff than you probably ever thought to consider.  Here’s a short list:

  • Your personal appearance: does it match the “norm” for your industry?
  • Is your resume: current? free of typos? talk about results or just tasks?
  • How’s your handshake:  assertive, aggressive, wimpy?
  • Do you make eye contact when speaking face-to-face?
  • What about your follow up habits: do you return emails and phone calls promptly and professionally?
  • How do your networking habits measure up: are you genuine and sincere? do you offer referrals before you ask for them? and are they quality referrals or perfunctory?

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  If your career isn’t on the path you had in mind, could be you’re sabotaging yourself with parts of your “pitch.”   The BRIDGE job search strategies process can help you see how you might be selling yourself short and give you the tools to turn that around.
But you don’t need to take my word for it, decide for yourself when I offer a sneak peek into the process during this free call.

Two of the greatest elements of success are decisiveness and action.   So, my coaching challenge to you is to implement those elements and register now.   The call will be recorded and you’ll get the link the next day so you can listen at your leisure.   So, even if you have a schedule conflict, go ahead and register.

Just imagine, you could be hanging out on the beach AND sharpening the saw while listening to the recording on your iPod!  Register now and keep yourself on the career fast track and a step ahead of your competition!

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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