December 8, 2015

Reflection #1: Connecting for Business Growth

As I take the time to reflect each year, my first thought becomes connecting and how important it has been to the success of my business. […]
October 23, 2015

The Power of Positive Thinking

Have you ever noticed that it’s a lot easier to say something negative about someone than it is to say something positive? We all want the […]
July 31, 2015

Making a Difference Through Self-Awareness

I’ve talked a lot recently about taking an inventory of your skills and using this information to help you choose a career path. Now it’s time […]
June 26, 2015
image working on your business

Working On Vs. Working In Your Business

What’s the difference between working ON your business and working IN your business? When you’re working IN your business, you’re involved in generating the product or […]