10 Strategies for Holiday Happiness With Less Stress

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Are you crazy yet? As Thanksgiving and the end of year holidays approach, I hear friends and clients talk about holiday stress.

On the flip side, I’m ready to exchange heart-felt thanks and joyful greetings with many clients in celebration of their best year yet!

Your Attitude Makes a Difference

The difference seems to be in the attitude you take and if you took the time to think and plan ahead. When you say “Yes” to thinking and planning ahead and, “No” to the non-productive energy sucking things that weigh you down, you’ll have the holiday shopping done and time to enjoy decorating cookies with your kids.

Yes, it can be that simple! It’s not just an attitude; it’s your perspective, your choice, and ultimately your way of looking at things.

Take this year for example. For some of you it was your best and for others your worst. If it was a bad year, you can choose to focus on the negative. But how about this? Try looking ahead and start to plan how you and your family will enjoy the holidays. You can even think about good things you want to happen in 2015 and plan how you’ll get started on at least one of those goals.

Don’t wait until you get to a breaking point. Instead, plan now with these 10 strategies for holiday happiness with less stress!

  1. Create more happiness with less by letting go of overblown expectations. We are all perfectly imperfect. What do you need to let go of? Write it down and throw it away.
  2. Make a list of what you are tolerating about the holidays. Try for 10 or more things.
  3. Review the list and make decisions – let it go, figure out a way to enjoy it, address it.
  4. Imagine things simplified. What if you didn’t have to buy a million gifts? How could you recognize folks without getting frustrated? Is there a charity you or they would appreciate giving to? What if you meet for coffee or give a gift certificate good for a movie in January instead of buying gifts? A friend I know gave her 96-year-old Grandmother six handwritten “get out of exercise class free” certificates. Her Grandmother doesn’t like hanging out with all those old people lifting their arms in the air, so my friend arranges to visit at exercise time to give her a break. How simple!
  5. Give yourself a gift, of time or pampering or whatever you need. This includes asking for what you want! If you see a drop dead something you’ve been wanting – just buy it and enjoy it! Or, call your mother and ask her to get it for you. She will be thrilled that you actually like what she gives you!
  6. Get over “that’s the way it is”. You are always at choice to continue or change things. Make the suggestion to change and see what happens.
  7. Get over your stuff. If it truly is the way it is, change your perspective. If Aunt Susie truly loves to make ‘that horrid dish’ or give outlandish gifts, join her in the joy of the experience and see where it takes you!
  8. Find joy and breath! Choose to wake up and be positive. Find or write a quote that brings you happiness and read it each morning.
  9. Connect. Call someone you care about and haven’t visited with. Create a Skype date if you can’t get together and spend 10 or 60 minutes enjoying your relationship.
  10. Relax and know. The holidays will come and go. You choose to be crazy or say no to those things that won’t feed you. Know you are a magnificent, brilliant being who has the power and radiance to connect where it is most important – heart to heart with those around you.

Wishing you peace and ease for the upcoming holiday season!

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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