3 Strategies to Heat Up Your Networking This Summer

If you only think about your network when your pipeline dries up you have a very skewed view of networking.


1. You’re only reaching out to people when you need something (more clients), not because you want to get to know them better.

2. You need immediate results and that’s not how networking works.

So let’s use this summer to strengthen our networks!

Here are my 3 favorite strategies for keeping in touch with influential s and centers of influence, especially over the summer.

Identify your “Top 5”

Who are the people who send you the most referrals?
Who are the people you send the most referral to?
Who are the people you think would be good referrals sources for you?

Write down a list of these people. You may have 2, or 5, or 25. Any number is fine.

Invite them to coffee

Summer is a great time to catch up with people face to face. Many people are on vacation, but the ones who aren’t have more time available for conversations. So invite them to sit down for coffee and catch up.

Sitting down for coffee is the first step in getting to know people. Now you want to keep in touch. So, once a month for the rest of the summer find a way to reach out to them.

Here are some ideas:
send them an article
congratulate them on something
respond to their social media post
ask if they are attending one of their industry conferences

Keep it simple.

When you spend time with your top influencers, you know you’re heading towards higher value interactions and clients.  I’m looking forward to meeting a few new top ‘influencers’ this Thursday at the Red Sox Game.


Make it a great one!

Best Regards,
Coach DQ

Coach DQ
Coach DQ
Dawn Quesnel coaches sales, marketing, advertising and creative professionals through job changes, raises and promotions. In private practice for almost 15 years. Award Career Coach of the Year by her Peers and is a Professionally Certified Co-Active Coach, Certified Career Coach, Speaker, frequent Emcee for industry/Assn professional panels, and facilitator.

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