5 Unique Jobs Where You Can Leverage Your Love of Poetry.

A recent college grad approached me at a networking event to ask if I knew anyone in poetry.

I’ve been a career coach for a long time, and that’s only the second time I’ve ever been asked about poetry.

Which got me thinking about the big sticking point for most job seekers.

How do you turn your love of something (like poetry) into a career?

What are your transferrable skills?

This recent college grad had a pretty good idea. She went looking for information about poetry and couldn’t find it. So she’s creating a Directory of Independent Work. Will she make money at that? I don’t know. But, it’s the kind of thinking that can really kick start your career in a new direction.

So many people immediately discount these types of ideas, but I know of a woman who now speaks internationally at quilting conferences.


So, let’s think about the skills of a poetry lover.

  • Reading
  • Critical thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Pattern recognition
  • Imagination
  • Comprehension

Typically people who love poetry enjoy the subtleties of language which makes them great communicators. This means that they could enjoy the following types of jobs:

Client Services

From storytelling to pattern recognition, this could be a great step for someone who enjoys the communication side of poetry. This would be a great place to read and synthesize information to turn it into clear actionable steps or new product ideas.

Content Curator

These days when we thing about the blogs, my mind keeps racing about the types of websites that are out there. As an example check out selfgrowth.com. He started that as a hobby and now they have over 2 million monthly visitors. Imagine creating a destination website for other lovers of poetry.

Thought Leader

The world needs more deep thinkers. People who can make sense of poetry almost certainly have other areas of interest. Corporate growth, leadership, and teamwork are all areas that can use more research and more good thinking.

Design games / courses for kids

This is for the teachers out there. There’s an app for everything. How about an app for poetry appreciation? Or a beginner’s guide to poetry? If you’re interested in designing apps, might I recommend the App Festival that’s coming up.

Book Store

Want to connect with other people who share your passion? Peter H. Reynolds, a local illustrator, opened the Blue Bunny Bookstore. He sells books, sure, but he’s also created a great community of people who love reading, drawing, and creativity.

So, those are some ideas. Why not start planning your encore career now? There’s always the option to develop something on the side. Whether teaching or speaking, you can start building your skills in other areas that will spark your encore career.

What are your transferrable skills? What careers are you considering?

Coach DQ
Coach DQ
Dawn Quesnel coaches sales, marketing, advertising and creative professionals through job changes, raises and promotions. In private practice for almost 15 years. Award Career Coach of the Year by her Peers and is a Professionally Certified Co-Active Coach, Certified Career Coach, Speaker, frequent Emcee for industry/Assn professional panels, and facilitator.

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