Client Case Study conducted by Bryna Rene

What was the problem/situation which drew you to Coach DQ’s services? What specific issues did you address?
The first issue was pretty personal; a forty-two-year-old problem that had been holding me back. At the time, I had the option to take a job which was similar to what I’d been doing, but I’d been working on my business at the same time. I needed to decide where to put my efforts, but I had a blockage around the most logical area (my business) and I wasn’t moving forward.

We broke through that old issue fairly quickly. But once that was resolved, we realized that I was dealing with an underlying fear of success. After some delving, we realized that a portion of that fear was coming from the people around me, and we worked on that. Then, we discovered that I wasn’t creating the right pictures in my mind around my business success, and we practiced guided visualization.

Working through each successive problem during the coaching process is like dealing with weighted lines or hooks that are attached to you, and that slow you down. Every time one of those weights is cut away, you can move forward less encumbered.  That doesn’t mean that next week you won’t find a new hook, or another hindrance, but the process frees you up and helps you progress faster. It’s a matter of lightening the load. That’s what Dawn really does: she begins with what you think you want to do, then through a succession of probes and revelations helps you figure out if you really want it, or if you’re afraid of it, or if you’re unclear about it. That, to me, was particularly notable about her style, and something I was not necessarily expecting.

What was the best part of the coaching experience for you?
I think that the most valuable part of this process was Dawn’s insight into underlying historical personal experiences that were holding me back. She was persistent about making me recognize and deal with things that had happened in my past which prevented me from moving forward. Delving into those painful past experiences is something I think a lot of people shy away from, but in my case those past experiences were clearly the biggest contributor to my inability to move forward.

Also, while much of the process was more generalized, at times Dawn got extremely specific with me. She’d say, “You’re going to go to two networking events this week,” or, “You’re going to make three phone calls.” If problems arose for me while we were executing our plan, we were able to discuss specifically the issues I was running into, which in turn would reveal misconceptions or blockages on my part—those hooks and weights, weighing me down. At times, I was shocked at how many weights I was carrying, and how different they all were from one another. The process really became a case of untangling and sorting out my fears and inhibitions.

What was the most challenging part of the coaching experience for you?
I think I’m not unusual in that I get excited about setting goals and doing exercises while I’m on the phone with Dawn. The feeling lasts for a day or so, but sustaining that resolve to tackle my problems is my biggest challenge. I have to work hard to stay focused and not slip back into old habits. Also, it’s challenging not to start second-guessing the plans we work together to put in place.

Was the issue you originally intended to work on resolved through your coaching sessions?
Yes, the particular issue I’d contacted her about in the beginning was resolved almost immediately. But once you move one thing out of the way, you realize that there are a hundred more things there to be dealt with!  

What was the outcome of your work with Coach DQ? Did it meet your expectations?
Absolutely. I was very impressed with Dawn’s blend of “standard” career coaching methodologies such as e-marketing, networking, using LinkedIn, developing niche markets, getting  clear on goals and directions, and other things like that. But it’s the combination of those methods with a really intuitive side that makes her so effective. She has the ability to squeeze in between the rocks of your protective walls and poke around in your not-so-obvious issues.

Sometimes I think particularly strong people put up particularly strong walls—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t just as many rotting vegetables behind the walls! Dawn is good at sniffing out problem that aren’t even obvious to me, and that is really important in terms of my being able to make progress.

Dawn Quesnel, CPCC, PCC, known as Coach DQ, is a professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader. Through the use of her B.R.I.D.G.E. programs she helps marketing, advertising, and creative entrepreneurs navigate career or business transition while maintaining a healthy career-life balance. Her core belief that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, consistently leads clients to uncover hidden resources and strengths. B.R.I.D.G.E. the gap and accelerate your career so you can love your life now!


As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!


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