Do you consider yourself an altruistic person?

I admit, the word “altruistic” is a little intimidating.  It might conjure images of misty-eyed do-gooders who spend every minute trying to make the world a better place.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that and you don’t need to chain yourself to a tree or wear only hemp clothing to be an altruist.

 All you need to do is align your personal values and ideals with your actions. When you do that, you’ll find a deeper sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in every area of your life.

This alignment can be tough, don’t get me wrong.  We tend to separate our “work selves” from the rest of ourselves, and sometimes our actions on the job run counter to our ideals. Have you met…

  • The eco-activist who works for the chemical plant?
  • The health nut who works at McDonalds?
  • The pharmaceutical salesman who only takes herbal remedies?
  • The WalMart executive who secretly dreams of opening a “mom and pop shop?”

Talk about split personalities!  Of course, the split doesn’t need to be that obvious.

Maybe you’ve met…

  • The mom who wants more time with her kids, but whose job forces her to travel.
  • Or the creative director who doesn’t believe in the products he’s helping to sell.

These people are also experiencing conflict, but for one reason or another, they feel as if they’re tied to their jobs despite their misgivings.  Maybe it’s the great benefits package, or the “golden handcuff” of an executive salary.  Maybe it’s just simple convenience.  Any way you look at it, conflict creates stress.

If you feel like your work self is working against your altruistic self, maybe it’s time to shift your career perspective.  If you want (or crave) a career that connects with your values; if you want to begin to define your altruistic self and find more fulfillment in your work life then join me for this free call.  

You don’t even need to have your personal definition of altruism figured out.  You just have to know that you’re ready for change!

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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  1. Joe E. says:

    Hey Dawn,
    Great post, this really was something that I struggled with when I first purchased the agency, but with your help, I’ve found a true balance with my low-key “water off my back” self and the fast-paced, sometimes cruel, business world I enter every day. Putting others happiness ahead of my own is something that, no matter how many times I’m told not to do it, I can’t seem to stop. Nor do I want to. Happy Holidays!

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