Science is just beginning to scratch the surface of the real power of our brains. In the last few months, I have become more fascinated with the human brain. What I’ve learned about brain function, brain types, neurological patterns, and thought patterns, from David Rock, has not only changed the way I think about my own mind, it’s changed my approach to coaching.

DQ and David Rock author of “Your Brain At Work”
DQ and David Rock

This new understanding is opening doorways left and right, and it’s benefiting not only my business as a whole, but each one of my clients.

One of the themes we’ve been discussing on BrainTalk is how to build a bridge between business and your intuition using both halves of our brains: the left brain, and the right brain. The left brain controls all of our conscious thoughts, analyses, and learned patterns. According to some analysts, it’s the “rational” side of the brain. It’s also where those pesky ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are generated.

On the other hand, the right side of the brain is creative, intuitive, and uninhibited. This is where our “gut feelings” come from, and the quiet voice we often call our “sixth sense” or your little brain. Click here for more science on this topic and learn what Freud never told us about.

The right brain is able to tap into the depths of the subconscious, where deep intuitive wisdom comes from. Your right brain, when properly accessed, can be your greatest asset, because it speaks from your truest self, rather than from your conditioned, fearful, restricted self. Often, when we want to make a change, we start by thinking really hard about it. We apply all of that left-brain reasoning power to the problem, hoping to find a solution that’s both comfortable and logical. But because our left brain is conditioned to think in predictable patterns, we don’t always find the answers we’re looking for. If you’re feeling stuck in a job, or if your attempts to create change are being swallowed up by legions of ANTs, you might be thinking too hard.

When you stop devoting all of your left-brain thought energy to a problem, you create a little more internal quiet. When this happens, the softer voice of the right brain can start to make itself heard. By turning the attention of the left brain elsewhere, you might find yourself suddenly realizing solutions you never considered. Practicing yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, or other breath-centric exercises; taking a long walk; engaging in a favorite creative pursuit; or simply sitting quietly for five to ten minutes are all great ways to temporarily turn off your left brain.

Want to learn more about using the power of your brain to help you create a successful, balanced life? Check out Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s books, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”, and “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body”. (

While my newfound fascination with and knowledge of the brain is taking my coaching skills to the next level, I’m maintaining my focus – (with marketing, advertising, and creative entrepreneurs) and continuing to help my clients in their career transitions, job searches, and entrepreneurial ventures. I feel as though my knowledge and experience are really coming together to help me better serve my clients. Or maybe I’m just learning to unify both sides of my brain!



As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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