The Time Mastery® Time Management Profile Coaching Package from Coach DQ


What is the Time Mastery® Time Management Profile?

time management smallThe Time Mastery® Time Management Profile is part of the DISC system of assessments. The DISC system is based on the four-quadrant behavioral model developed by psychology pioneer William Moulton Marston, Ph.D. (1893-1947).
It is a career advancement tool that helps you to set priorities and manage time more effectively by evaluating 12 critical areas including attitudes, planning, interruptions and procrastination.

It is suitable for both leaders and employees who are seeking improved productivity.

Coach DQ also offers other career-related DISC assessments, such as work expectations, role behavior and coping with stress. Please email Coach DQ for more information.

How does the Time Mastery® Time Management Profile  work?

After responding to a series of questions in the online assessment, you will receive a customized report rating your levels of time mastery as applied to specific workplace situations (e.g., managing interruptions, or written communications).

There are additional questions that are only available in this online version. Here, you input details about your specific work situation, so that your customized report can identify exactly where the gaps are in relation to the skills that are important in your job.

Your report also contains extensive self-coaching resources that you take you through exactly what you need to change and why. Most importantly, there are manageable step-by-step instructions for exactly how to do it.

Coach DQ’s SPECIAL OFFER for you:

The Time Mastery® Time Management Profile  is a powerful tool on its own, and it is even better when combined with personalized one-on-one coaching with career expert Dawn Quesnel, Coach DQ.


Online Assessment

For the low flat rate of $197, Coach DQ will meet with you to debrief your Time Mastery® Time Management Profile report to help you interpret your results and solidify your action plan.*

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Time Mastery® Time Management Profile with Coaching Package

To stay on track, you may choose to meet with Coach DQ on an ongoing basis for time management coaching. This personalized support is yours for just two payments of $250 per month (two x 30-minute sessions).*
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*Price good until January 15th. Coaching sessions must be scheduled and used between now and April 20, 2015.