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Listen Live Friday morning at 9:05am EST  to hear our special guest:  John DiPietro, author, marketer and professional speaker.  He is in the midst of a distinguished career in media relations and is President of Advanced Business Concepts/ DiPietro or ABCD for short.

DiPietro is well versed in every phase of the media industry including radio, broadcast TV, Cable TV, newspapers and magazines.

He is  the author of  “You Don’t Have to be Perfect to be Great”, now in its second printing and soon to be updated, revised and expanded.  The book entails his face-to-face work with notables from sports and entertainment including Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Frank Sinatra, the superstars of the WWF and even the clowns from the Greatest Show on Earth.

DiPietro is also a featured contributor to the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul series book called Inside Basketball. He is the host of the popular TV show The Success Journey, where he interviews people who have achieved success after encountering failure along the way!

DiPietro is the proud Dad of two daughters and has been married for 34 years to his wife Maribeth.



Listen Live this Friday at 9:35 am EST  ~ Intuitive Living with Tara Roth ~ As a lifelong intuitive and former senior executive specializing in personal development and training programs, Tara offers the unusual and powerful combination of hands-on business experience coupled with compelling intuition, well-honed communication abilities and improvisational performance skills.Tara is a poised, animated, and a motivating coach and intuitive and her passion is to instill more fun, creativity and insight in the lives of others. Listen as she teaches you how to tap into YOUR intuition and put it to work to manifest the results you want in your life.

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