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Career Coaching

When it comes to building your career, is there anything more important than getting the job you want and the salary you deserve?  Whether you…

  • Like your current position but need to negotiate a better salary
  • Hate your current position and need to craft a resume that will land you your dream job or
  • Have decided it’s time to take your career in a whole new direction

Career coaching can get you the results you want and usually a whole lot faster than you could get them on your own!  Follow the link to learn more about career coaching with Coach DQ.

Business Coaching

A business is only as good as the people it employees.  It takes a combination of hiring quality individuals and creating a culture that fosters peak individual performance to create teams that work in sync to bring your vision to life.  Whether you…

  • Are experiencing fast growth and need to successfully navigate the changes that come with it
  • Need an effective plan for managing daily operations, marketing and sales or
  • Are up against challenges resulting from industry shift or challenges in the economy

No one knows your business like you.  And only you can know what your business and you need for growth; but if you are ready to learn how coaching in the workplace can help you overcome the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, follow this link.

Life Coaching

Balancing a career or business with your personal life can be challenging and may feel as though it’s always just beyond your reach.  With the help of a supportive yet objective professional to coach you to set attainable goals,  having the life you want may be closer than you think.

Together, we can design a more enriching, fulfilling and balanced life – the life you’ve always envisioned.

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