Did You Know?

Current statistics on job search activity:

It takes ten telephone contacts to secure an interview, twenty-five interviews to secure a job offer, 245 unsolicited resumes on the net or mailed to secure an interview.  The national average for the length of a job search is three months.  The average number of interviews to hire is between thirteen and twenty-five.  If you aren’t getting the offer, maybe it’s due to:

  • Lack of persistence
  • Not differentiating yourself from your competition
  • A poor or lacking marketing strategy

It is not good enough just to be skilled at what you do; it takes the combination of plans, processes and performance to get to profit.

The good news is, you don’t have to become a statistic.  

If you learn to master self promotion and create a career marketing strategy, you’ll be on the path to get the results you deserve.

Coach DQ
Coach DQ
Dawn Quesnel coaches sales, marketing, advertising and creative professionals through job changes, raises and promotions. In private practice for almost 15 years. Award Career Coach of the Year by her Peers and is a Professionally Certified Co-Active Coach, Certified Career Coach, Speaker, frequent Emcee for industry/Assn professional panels, and facilitator.

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