Do You Have a Life Purpose?

Have you ever had a dream where you are lost wandering down an endless road? The road seems to have neither a beginning nor end? You are stuck walking and walking but are going nowhere, you are disconnected from both ends.

Now, when you wake, do you realize that you can parallel this dream with your life? Do you feel like there is an endless road, a disconnect between what you do for a living and what you want to do because it makes you feel good; your life purpose.

Why do you feel so disconnected from one aspect of your life to another? Why has what you do for a living become so unexciting? Consider your school days. You often had the opportunity to pick one class you actually wanted to take – gym, music, art, or woodworking. You looked forward to that class every day because it was fun. All of a sudden, math has become your favorite class. Why? The teacher took boring, old math and made it fun with examples, team building questions, and games. The class you thought would be the most ‘work’ has turned out to be the most fun! You need start focusing on how you can make your work fun.

If all you think about each day is jetting out from behind your desk then you are probably not living your life’s purpose. You may enjoy your work, but it does not fulfill the deeper hopes and dreams you see for yourself. This can often lead to a large disconnect and the feeling of leading more than one life, a two-face, showing one side at home and the other side at work. This is both energy and time consuming, and you need to refocus on your life’s purpose.

We all feel a deeper sense of purpose in our life and are drawn to activities that make us forget the hard work. This is your life purpose – a calling to do things that speak to your core values and goals. Your purpose can be many things ranging from raising your children, leading your department at work, volunteering with charities or spending your days photographing beautiful scenery. You feel drawn to your purpose like it has chosen you specifically. This is true because your purpose is part of your identity and you are drawn so strongly towards that purpose that you cannot deny the connection.

The dilemma then becomes how can you make your daily work and your life purpose become one, how can they no longer be disconnected? How do you bring the two ends of the road closer together? How can you make your work fulfill or contribute towards your life purpose?

Coach DQ’s Challenge

Take time this week, 10 or 15 minutes, to sit down and reflect inwardly. Reflect on what you consider your life purpose. Think about all of those dreams you only ever thought would be dreams. You may not have pinpointed your own ‘purpose’ yet but may have a number of interests that can help fulfill your deepest dreams. Have a piece of paper close by so that you can jot down any ideas that pop into your head. Make a ‘brainstorming tree’ and put each of these ideas as a branch. If you feel that you need help to fulfill your purpose then contact Coach DQ.

Don’t be discouraged, it is absolutely possible for you to take charge and begin living life to obtain your life purpose. This may take some help, and that is where my Exploring Your Life Purpose Consultation can help!
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