Dreams with a Deadline

Sometimes, you need to get back to basics.  I talk a lot about goal setting, but what IS a goal in the first place?

A goal is a dream with a deadline. When you set a goal, you say to yourself,

  • “This is what I want, and this is what I’m going to do.”
  • When you make a plan around that goal, you’re adding, “This is how I’m going to do it.”

Pretty simple, eh? The tricky part, though, isn’t saying it. It’s meaning it.

If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t dream of going back on your word to someone else. How many times have you said, “I really don’t feel like doing this for so-and-so, but I told him I would, so I have to.” Now, how often do you apply that same dogged commitment to your own goals? Chances are, not very often. And yet, your dreams are probably far more important to you than the stuff you’re actually following through on.

Top performers not only keep their word to others, they keep their promises to themselves. They realize that their goals are just as valid and valuable as those of the people around them, and they treat them accordingly.

If you’re tired of paying lip service to your dreams, now is the time to get on track once and for all. 2010 can be the best year ever, the year your dreams come true. No more excuses, no more “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” All you have to do to get started is decide to keep the promise you’ve made to yourself.

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As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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