What is the Elevations® assessment?

Elevations® was designed by Helen Scully, a Nationally Certified Career Counselor. Four career assessment tools in one, it will illuminate key details about your values, skills, career interests and personality and show you how all four areas intersect in the world of work.

Elevations® is suitable for students, career changers and employees within organizations seeking development and direction.
How does the Elevations® assessment work?

You will take the assessment online, using a series of screens where you can rate your values and skills as high, moderate or low. You can also stack them and re-sort them in order of their importance to you. (See How it Works!)

Based on your answers in these sections, you will then see suggested careers that might be a good match for you. This career information is updated annually so that it’s always relevant. For every career, you can click to get more information and websites for you to research further.

Next, you will read information about four different personality types, and how they are expressed at work. You can choose which type you identify with.

Finally, Elevations® provides a comprehensive planning guide to help you compile your results and move forward in your search. Best of all, you can access your assessment results and planning guide for a full year, and even re-take the assessment if your circumstances or interests change.

Coach DQ’s SPECIAL OFFER for you:
The Elevations® assessment is a powerful tool on its own, and it is even better when combined with personalized one-on-one coaching with career expert Dawn Quesnel, Coach DQ.

For the low flat rate of $350, Coach DQ will work with you for a 60-minute coaching session before you use the assessment, to focus your energy and help you use the tool more effectively.

Then, when you’re done, she will work with you for another 60-minute session to help you interpret your results and solidify your action plan. She can also offer invaluable guidance and concrete suggestions about your specific career plans.

With Coach DQ in your corner, any career goal is possible!

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