This month on BrainTalk, we are proud to have as our special guest, David Rock, author of ‘Personal Best’, (Simon & Schuster, 2001), ‘Quiet Leadership’ (Harper Collins, 2006) and ‘Coaching with the Brain in Mind’ (Wiley & Sons, 2009), and ‘Your Brain at Work’, released in October 2009.  Join us June 2nd, 12pm EST on BrainTalk, as we discuss “Facilitating the ‘aha’: How leaders, coaches and trainers can improve their insight-quotient by understanding the brain.”

David Rock on BrainTalk w Coach DQ & Tara Crawford Roth
David Rock

In 2004, David founded the brain-based approach to coaching, which has gathered momentum as a theory base for coaching ever since. In collaboration with several leading neuroscientists, David is working to explain the neural basis of issues like self-awareness, reflection, insight and accountability.  In 2006 he co-authored a feature article in strategy business magazine with neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey Schwartz, called ‘The Neuroscience of Leadership’, the most downloaded article of the year at the magazine. In September 2006 CIO magazine ran a cover story featuring David and Jeff’s work called ‘The new science of change’. His paper ‘Managing with the Brain in Mind’ was the most downloaded of 2009 at strategy business.

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