How a Break-In Helped Me Focus on What’s Important.

Cleaning House

How a Break-In Helped Me Focus on What’s Important.

Even the scattered piles of broken glass by my side door couldn’t dampen my good mood. It’s probably the local addict who smashed through my door and took some of my mother’s & grandmother’s jewelry. But standing there in my kitchen with the four police officers, a police dog, and a detective I was having trouble feeling traumatized.

It’s not the way I would normally recommend doing this, but I am feeling a little freer. Sure, there’s some real and sentimental value in the bracelets, and I am working to recover them. But if I don’t, that’s ok. I realize I’ve been hanging on.

I’m not the only one. I’ve been working with a client who is “tidying up.” She bought the recent bestseller book by Marie Kondo and is now on a mission to get the junk out of her house. “Hug it, thank it, let it go,” is a little too woo-woo for me, but it’s a good reminder that top performers get good at letting things go, at recognizing what serves them and what doesn’t.

This same client, as she cleans house, is cleaning up her business. She’s focusing on the higher dollar per hour value tasks. I’ll go into more depth on this topic in the next article, so for now it just means that she’s delegated some of her clients to more junior people in her organization. This frees her up to work on even higher caliber projects, clients, and tasks.

Here are three ways you can clean house this summer:

  1. Streamline your contacts. Which people are you tolerating? Which people are sapping your energy? Spend this summer focused on the people who energize you and bring value to you and your work.
  2. Take a vacation. Vacations are a great time to delegate tasks that you were meaning to delegate anyway. And if the person does a good job, don’t take the task back when you return. Now you’ve opened up some time and energy to focus on other projects.
  3. Throw out new ideas. Why not try something new such as: making a new schedule you’ll start in the Fall.  A new way of marketing, a new template, or joining a new industry group.  What other new ideas would you throw out?  Please share your comments below.

Until next time.

Make it a great one!

Coach DQ



Coach DQ
Coach DQ
Dawn Quesnel coaches sales, marketing, advertising and creative professionals through job changes, raises and promotions. In private practice for almost 15 years. Award Career Coach of the Year by her Peers and is a Professionally Certified Co-Active Coach, Certified Career Coach, Speaker, frequent Emcee for industry/Assn professional panels, and facilitator.

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