I’m Really Good at Math: Are There Any Jobs for Me?

I get excited when I hear about cool new career opportunities, so I wanted to tell you about the app developer panel I went to last week.

Yes, an app developer & mobile tech panel. I’m no techie, but while moderating the panel on mobile tech and innovation I was amazed at how much opportunity and demand there is for careers that people may not have thought of.

Take, for example, the woman who approached me and said “I’m really good at math”

And that’s where people get stuck. They have a skill that they are good at and enjoy, but aren’t sure how to map that to an actual job.

I suggested that this woman to explore and consider analytical jobs.

What do I mean by analytical?

There is so much information available in the world today that, frankly, it’s scary.

Which means that lots of companies are looking for people to make sense of it all. They need statistical experts, people who can understand the google analytics results, and employees who can use the tools to drive business decisions from this mountain of data.

When I work with clients, the first thing we do is identify their skills they are passionate about and do some research on good potential jobs that use those skills.

Do you love math?

Here are five jobs that are worth considering:

  1. Full Stack Developers & App Developers are in demand
  2. Big Data Analytics will be a $187B Market by 2019
  3. Consider starting your own consultancy business as a
    Google Analytics Expert and/or Customer Analytics &
    Engagement Consultant
  4. I have a couple of clients currently considering
    becoming a Private Tutor for STEM subjects as an Encore Career
  5. Mathematician’s have a 21.4% growth rate and earn on
    average a salary of $113K

In the next blog post I’ll share some ideas for jobs for people who love poetry and have good story telling skills.

“Change does not necessarily assure progress, but progress implacably requires change. Education is essential to change, for education creates both new wants and the ability to satisfy them.” – Henry Steele Commager (1902-1998) American Historian

Make it a great one!

Coach DQ
Coach DQ
Dawn Quesnel coaches sales, marketing, advertising and creative professionals through job changes, raises and promotions. In private practice for almost 15 years. Award Career Coach of the Year by her Peers and is a Professionally Certified Co-Active Coach, Certified Career Coach, Speaker, frequent Emcee for industry/Assn professional panels, and facilitator.

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