Too often there’s a big gap between what you do for a living and what you do because it’s fun or feeds your soul. It’s not your fault really. When you think about it, the stage was set way back in elementary school, where you spent most of your time sitting in a classroom looking forward to recess. Class was work, and recess was fun.

But if you were lucky, you had a teacher who was fun and engaging. Someone who put your desks in a circle instead of boring rows or had you doing science experiments that involved flames and smoldering potions. You probably forgot all about recess with that teacher. Your “work” suddenly became a whole lot more interesting.

  • Do you spend your grown-up days watching the clock for the moment you can get outta Dodge and head for home and hobbies?
  • Do you enjoy your work on a superficial level – but it doesn’t speak to your deepest dreams and values?
  • Maybe you feel like you’re leading a double life – that who you have to be at work is a totally different person than the one you are at home?

Whatever the case, if you’re splitting your focus, you’re splitting your energy and diluting gratification. Is there a deep-seated sense of purpose drawing you toward certain “recess” activities? Another word for this is missiona calling to do things that speak to your core values and goals?

Maybe your mission pulls you to create art, work with charities, tutor neighborhood kids, or create beautiful landscaping in your own backyard. You’ll know when a task is tied to your mission because of the strong emotions it stirs, calling you to be and do something bigger with your life.

The good news is that you are living in a time when more and more people are recognizing the truth that, it really is possible to live your life mission. The question then becomes, how exactly do you meld your job and your mission?

Getting there requires a shift out of the old pattern that was ingrained during elementary school. Facilitating just this kind of shift is a fundamental aspect of the coaching process.

Save this date on your calendar now, September 15th, 2010. I’ll have more details for you soon, but I can tell you this now: I think you’ll be surprised at just how easily you can learn to bring that “recess” feeling to your work desk!


As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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