When you look in the mirror, the reflection looking back at you is the greatest advancement tool you’ll ever have at your disposal. Yourself!
Each of our inherent strengths make us exceptionally qualified for everything we do. They are always unique to our individual selves and this makes each of us a wanted commodity. The qualities that come naturally to us are our best resources, they are already there just waiting to be accessed and put to use. Once we are able to do this, which may take some help, it will be these resources that we will have the greatest potential of excelling with.

It is difficult to really understand the actually worth of your individual abilities and talents. Unfortunately, most people undervalue what they can bring to a situation, either because they have not yet discovered what their defining abilities exactly are or because they don’t understand how to use them. Either way, you are missing out! Even the skills that you feel couldn’t possibly help your performance, if applied properly and creatively, may actually help you get the edge over everyone else. For example, if you’re a tech junkie, why not start an e-mail or Blackberry marketing campaign to enhance your company’s visibility? If your friends call you “Betty Crocker” or “Mr. Maître d” you could use those hosting skills to your benefit by moderating the next company meeting or organizing this month’s event for your networking group?
Not only can your abilities be developed to become a great asset, but also your own personality traits. These traits are another positive feature you already inherently possess – what a bonus! If you can distinguish your strengths and weaknesses and discover how to properly apply your personality traits you will be able to make every situation work for you! Take, for example, all of the shy people in the workforce. Individuals with a more reserved personality can still march into a group setting and use this towards their advantage. Instead of being a wallflower at your next event, use your one-on-one focus and brilliant memory when talking with people. Talk to a small number of people, or with individual people, and give them all of your attention. While you are conversing, file away a few bits of information about each person. The next time you see them, you’ll have a ready store of conversation-starters, and your co-workers will feel truly valued. It’s all about having the right perspective and using all your personality traits to your advantage.
So, the next time you walk by a mirror, don’t just notice your outer appearance but reflect on the abilities and traits you possess inward and make a pact with yourself to use them to your advantage.
Coach DQ’s Challenge
As you approach this week, write down at least three of your strongest traits. Be specific, and be honest. This can range as anything from being sociable and practical to being an extreme risk-taker. Are you supremely organized, or do the little details drag you down? Regardless of the trait and whether or not these traits are related to your current job field, make sure you physically write them down on paper. Even if you don’t realize it, these traits are the tools you work with on a daily basis.
Once you have decided on the three traits you’d like to focus on, pick one trait and come up with a way to use it creatively as part of your game plan this week. Try to apply it to an area that has been frustrating to you – you may be surprised by what you come up with.

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!


  1. I learn so much from your article you left up my personality as I read this article.Woman power is really in a high level for these generation.There are many entrepreneur women for now and they are all successful.

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