What Are You Tolerating?

Potholes and Tolerations, Part 2

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Continuing our discussion of tolerations… Below are some common tolerations cited by my clients and colleagues. Maybe some of these potholes are also in your road.

What people are tolerating at home:

  • “I need to create a financial plan for my family.”
  • “I need to take care of the house projects.”
  • “I need to exercise more – get to the gym.”
  • “I need to exercise more control over personal finances.”
  • “I need to clean out the attic/basement/garage.”
  • “I need to help the kids with school more.”
  • “I need to take a vacation.”

What people are tolerating at work:

  • “No raises.”
  • “No positive reinforcement; even after clients have told me they have gone out of their way to tell my boss they are happy with the work I have done, he never acknowledges it in any way.”
  • “Unfulfilling work culture and lack of mental challange.”
  • “Throughout my tenure at my company, I have felt that I can do 100 things acceptably, but when one thing is identified as not good enough in so many words, it becomes a big deal.”
  • “I wait until I get mad to leave a place.”
  • Other people’s “poor me” syndrome.”
  • “Unprofitable professional relationships.”
  • “Personality dynamics.” -Need I say more about that one!

What people are tolerating personally:

  • “Waiting to receive permission before acting.”
  • “Not thinking things thoroughly.”
  • “Not waiting to learn from my mistakes before taking actions.”
  • “Waiting for events to happen – being reactive.”
  • “Letting other people lead the way.”
  • “My laziness.”
  • “My internalizing and over-thinking.”
  • “My inability to keep and meet goals.”
  • “My weakness for sweets.”
  • “My lack of willpower .”
  • “My closed-off attitude – not being willing to open up.”
  • “My reluctance to try new things more often.”
  • “My lack of empathy.”
  • “Not verbalizing my thoughts and acting on them.”
  • “Not making the most of every moment.”
  • “Destructive or draining personal relationships.”

All of the above issues could be resolved by making an actionable plan and sticking to it. To quote Nike’s tagline: “Just do it.” No amount of thinking will resolve nagging issues or create the change you crave. YOU have to act on your thoughts. If you recognize any of the above tolerations in your own life, make a list of three things you can do to move toward a resolution. Once you fill the potholes, you can start looking ahead to where your road leads! Take an inventory of your tolerations by downloading this exercise What Am I Tolerating.

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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