Reflection #1: Connecting for Business Growth

As I take the time to reflect each year, my first thought becomes connecting and how important it has been to the success of my business. One such connector has been the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Introduced to this conference in 2007, I’ve attended and worked every year since then with the exception of last year. Every year I have met the most amazing women, several I’m still friends with today, @Crockett_Daryl, @TheSunQueen, @DianeDanielson, and many who became critical connections to propelling my business forward. Here are just a few connections made and what happened as a result:

I met Tory Johnson at my first conference and was later asked to be on the resume critiquing team at her Boston Career Fairs, and coaching at the Great American Job Fair. This then lead to a short news clip on Boston’s ABC Channel 5, as well the opportunity to interview many authors on radio, and new clients for my coaching practice.

Four years ago, my colleague and friend, Anne Jolles, member of the International Coach Federation N.E. Chapter, ICFNE created a partnership with the Massachusetts Conference for Women that lead to me coaching in the 1st ICFNE Coaches Corner, where attendees could sign up to get a complimentary coaching session while attending the conference. This year is ICFNE’s 4 year at #MassWomen.

Coming full circle, I’ll be one of the coaches working on The GRACE Trail, Wednesday, December 9th from 5pm-9pm at the “R” for “Release” on TheGRACETrail. This is really going to be a lot of fun! I think it’s going to be pretty hard to miss seeing this booth. I will also be one 50 certified coaches working the ICFNE Coaches Corner this Thursday, December 10th from 11am-1pm. Text me any other time at 617-755-8611 and we’ll meet up in the Marketplace. It would be great to see and finally meet some of you. Also, for those of you that aren’t attending the sold out conference, there are still tickets available for the event the night before on Wednesday, December 9th where you can connect with thousands of amazing women.

There is something for everyone at the Massachusetts Women’s Conference. Have you been? I’d love to hear your experience or connection story. Please share here on my blog. #CoachDQ #MassWomen #TheGraceTrail #ToryJohnson #ICFNE

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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