“I have known Dawn for several years. She coached me through some major career transitions. I found her to be very knowledgeable and motivational. She was very compassionate while offering very valuable suggestions and insight. She has always conducted herself with a lot of integrity and professionalism. It is not a surprise that she is highly respected in her field. I would absolutely recommend her for speaking engagements, workshops and / or personal and business coaching. Sincerely, Susan Moranda”


Case Study: Jennifer F. Marketing Director

What was the problem/situation which drew you to seek out Coach DQ’s services?

After two years in an advertising job that wasn’t going anywhere, I was in a rut unlike any rut I’d ever experienced. I was working with a client who wasn’t treating me well at all, and my boss had decided that not only should I suck up to the client, I should view this experience as a test to see if I was “happy” with the company.

Happiness. That was a big thing for my boss. He had an instinct for it, but not in a good way. The moment I started feeling unhappy, he’d hone in on it, and try to exploit it. Rather than managing my issues—like my problem with the client—he would insinuate that this might not be the right job for me anymore. This had the effect of compounding the frustration I was already feeling.

After a while, my rut became a valley. Instead of looking for a new job with a more supportive boss, I tried to combat my boss when he sniffed out my unhappiness. In the end, I ended up hurting myself more than I hurt him, and I found myself in need of some serious self-repair and outside perspective.

A good friend of mine suggested that I work with Dawn, because Dawn’s coaching had really helped her accept responsibility for the situation she’d been in, and move on. Coaching sounded like just what I needed.

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Case Study: Jenna L. Sales Professional


After years of working in the hospitality industry, Jenna Lavery was ready for a change of pace.

“I was working in membership and catering sales for a country club,” says Jenna. “I’d always worked in the hospitality industry, but my earning potential in the field wasn’t what I wanted it to be.  I’d been trying for a while to figure out what I wanted to do with my career, but I found myself without a clear picture of the direction I wanted to take.”

When she called Coach DQ in November of 2011, Jenna knew that she wanted to make more money, and work in a position with more complexity and responsibility. “I knew I could accept another, similar position, and make a little more money—but I wanted to be sure I was following a path I was passionate about, and I wasn’t sure that the hospitality industry was it.”

Two years prior to her first call to Coach DQ, Jenna met Bianca de la Garza, a popular reporter for Boston’s FOX 25 news station. “I thought I might want to do what she does,” Jenna says. “So she gave me her card. After a phone conversation, though, I decided I didn’t want to go that route. She told me, ‘Maybe you should work with a coach.’” Ms. de la Garza gave Jenna Coach DQ’s contact information, but it wasn’t until things were at a tipping point that Jenna took the leap.

“I was immobilized by fear of the unknown, so I kept putting off making that call to Dawn. But it got to the point where I had accepted all the responsibilities I could at the country club, and I was tapped out at my salary level. There was literally nowhere else for me to go.”


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 Case Study: Lance a former Fitness Franchise Owner transitions careers and becomes a Deputy Sheriff


What was happening in your life when you called Coach DQ?

I was working as a regional developer with a company called Fitness Together, of which I am a partial owner. I was considering a career change, and was referred to Coach DQ by someone I look up to. My friend had recently made a big career transition, and said, “I didn’t make my choices alone. I had the help of a coach.”

At that point, I didn’t even know what a coach did, but coaching had worked for my friend, so I decided to give it a try.

I loved my job, but the company had lost sight of its mission statement, and I felt that its values no longer aligned with my own. The problem was, I wasn’t sure what my own values were, let alone how to use them to construct a plan for shaping a new career.  Using her mapping techniques and other tools, Coach DQ helped me find my core values, articulate my vision, develop a game plan, and much more. Everything suddenly became much clearer.

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 Case Study: Julia Shanks


Q:  What was the problem/situation which drew you to Coach DQ’s services?

A: I was in the midst of a career change. I had been working as a chef for fifteen years. I knew I didn’t want to cook anymore, but I still wanted to stay in the food industry.  I had been struggling to figure out what my next steps were.  By default I was falling into the world of “consulting,” and  I didn’t want that. To me, consultants help other people create things, but don’t actually have anything to show for their work.  I wanted to start a business where I actually created something.

Q: What specific issues did you hope to address during your coaching sessions?

A: I wanted to have a clear vision of what I wanted to do with the next phase of my career.

Q: What was the best part of the coaching experience for you?

A: Having someone hold me accountable to making progress was very valuable. Each week, I make a commitment to certain tasks which I will complete before our next coaching call. Knowing that I will have to check in helps me push myself a little harder.

Another great benefit is having someone to help me outline action steps.  One of my challenges is that I know where I want to be in the end, but I don’t necessarily know how to get there (or, more often, I get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task).  Dawn really helps me break down the process into more manageable actions steps.

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