Taming Your Whirlwind Life Workshop

  • Do you feel like you’re always running?
  • Are you tired of feeling like people walk all over you?
  • Are you sick of feeling obligated to say yes to too much, or committing to things you later regret?

Take care of your life, you only have one!

In this intense exploration of understanding why we do the things we do, you’ll identify your top values, learn a new formula for managing your choices, and walk away with a formula for taming the “all-of-the-time and sometimes-most-of the-time shuffling, shifting, chasing, running on overdrive, so you can catch up” whirlwind tunnel syndrome!

Instructor: Dawn Quesnel, CPCC, PCC
Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30 pm
Place: Ripley Greene Chiropractic Wellness Center, 869 Main St, Walpole, MA 02081
Cost: Pre-registration required. Early Bird $49 per person when you register by September 20th. $59 on or after September 21st.
Phone: 508-520-9933

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transparent-for-any-background“I have a habit of saying ‘yes’ to too many requests.  I ended up spending my day doing more favors for others that depended on my than work for myself earning me money. My income suffered and I had no spare time to enjoy my life. Dawn taught me how to see how I worked and how to prioritize and execute on those priorities. I am now better focused, know how to say ‘no’ to people but give guidance on how to do things themselves, can exercise regularly, and can enjoy more undistracted time with my friends and family. My blood pressure has gone down as a result and I sleep better too! Thanks Coach Dawn!”

Marsh Sutherland
CEO | Founder


More Details

I know, I know, we all have too much to do in too little time. Is there such a thing as work life balance and what does work life balance mean anyway? It means making choices about how we spend the minutes and hours in our days. The solution to having more work life balance starts with looking at your choices. I call this practice, Time Choice Management and it means acknowledging that our values play a big role when it comes to making choices about time and ultimately how we navigate our work life balance. When I say choices, I don’t just mean big decisions, like buying a house or simple task such as what to eat for lunch. I mean all choices: life choices, family choice and career choices. I mean the choices you make that are or aren’t in line with your values that throw you off balance. Where are you self -sacrificing without realizing it, or worse, realizing it and playing the martyr? Let me give you a couple examples and then I’ll walk you thru my formula for time choice management.

For instance, have you ever said yes to a client instead of asking or negotiating what you want, i.e. allowing people or clients to walk all over you? Then you beat yourself up after it. Does this feel familiar? And, did you ever notice how sometimes you don’t even notice that time is moving, it feels like you have all the time in the world and you just know that it will all get done? When this happens, you are tapped into the secret of Work life balance. You are practicing good Time Choice Management.

This process is so simple that it usually eludes us.

It comes down to choosing how you are going to be, or your attitude, about your task list and time, as much as what it is you’re doing. When you believe that what you are doing is valuable and important, it is much easier to take on the most mundane or ugly jobs. One simple example is that most of us just take out the trash because we don’t want our houses to smell. It’s important for us to live in clean, good smelling places.

Using this example to follow through The Career Life Balance Time Choice Management formula, you can see how to make better, easier decisions about how to prioritize your time and feel better about doing the things that are necessary but no fun.

Time Choice Management = Values + Choice + Good Planning + Action

Values are the ideas, concepts and things that are important to you and fulfill you, and only you.

They can be as simple as savoring a great cup of coffee and driving fast in the convertible and as important as being in good health, giving back to society or raising honest kids. A couple of values may be in play with the trash example, for instance, having a nice home, taking good care of your things, clean air, cleanliness.

Choice is not only what and how you make decisions. It includes the attitude you choose each day and for each decision. And, you usually have a more positive attitude when you are living in alignment with your values. In the trash example, you could choose to be angry because you have a value around efficiency and it is your spouses turn to take out the garbage and it hasn’t happened. Or, you can choose to think, “No big deal, I’ll grab the trash on the way out to work. Order will be restored when it’s gone.”

Good Planning means that you do less reacting and get to plan how to spend your time. For instance, trash collection is regular so you can plan when to take it out so it fits into your schedule versus one of my favorite activities, which is to throw on my sweats and sprint for the door when I hear the truck turn the corner on to my street. (Needless to say, my values for looking good and having peaceful mornings are not honored on these days! and while the formula is easy to read, it isn’t always easy to implement!)

Action, the part of the equation that usually brings us down, becomes easy when we live by the formula.

I know that trash day is Tuesday, so I plan to empty the wastebaskets and take it to the can on Sunday morning when things aren’t crazy. Then, I just take it to the curb on Monday night.

While this example is more personal in nature, it applies to all activities. For instance, one of my clients is a masterful sales person and she can’t stand paperwork! Even more frustrating, her boss is a detail fanatic. (Oh, excuse me, she values having lots of information.) My client lights up when her client’s are delighted with her service. She values delivering more than her clients expect. So, she made the choice to see this paperwork as providing service to her clients and two other people- her boss and herself. This attitude choice made it easier for her to plan the time to get her paperwork done and she called it her date with herself. She scheduled it in her calendar for an hour a week, knowing that if she focused for an hour it would all get done. The action became simple after that. She just did it and felt good about doing it.

There were a couple of other benefits also. She improved her relationship with her boss because she didn’t see the paperwork as a punishment anymore. She further improved her client service because she became more organized and timely. And, she now approaches paperwork more lightly, it still isn’t her favorite task but she can schedule a reward for doing it or simply know that the paperwork allows her to honor what is important to her and that is enough. And, did I mention, she is spending more time for her grandkids?

More Praise from Past Attendees!

“I have known Dawn for several years. She coached me through some major career transitions. I found her to be very knowledgeable and motivational. She was very compassionate while offering very valuable suggestions and insight. She has always conducted herself with a lot of integrity and professionalism. It is not a surprise that she is highly respected in her field. I would absolutely recommend her for speaking engagements, workshops and / or personal and business coaching.”
-Susan Moranda


Amy Crouch photo“As always, my time working with you was nevertheless apropos.
It rekindled my understanding of having to work in an ethical environment, with open minds and creative souls.
I have been painting more than ever before, creating some of my best works of art. And truly understanding that with this unplanned career change offered a balanced and quiet mind to seek my own wisdom and move forward with grace and compassion for myself.
Of the greatest of these changes is learning that life has segments and stages. It is not a race. It is a journey. Some things are dreams, some things are reality. Some things are for now, some things are for later. Finding the balance between it all is the beauty of life.”

-Amy Crouch