Tips for Top Performers

Notice what is happening. 

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid getting into toleration mode.  Try this test – spend the next 24 hours separating yourself from what is happening.  Take your daily commute, which involved circumstances that are wholly separate from you, like traffic volume and the actions of other drivers. These are circumstances – not you!  You are a complete being unto yourself.  You get to decide how you want to handle the drive.  You choose whether to take a deep breath and not get stressed out, whether to gun it when someone moves into your lane, or ease up on the gas and let them in.  Be crazy – smile at everyone you pass on the way to work one day.  Play with noticing how you are choosing to be and how it works for you.

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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