On February 2, Tara and I did an interview on BrainTalk Radio with Carrie Hart, author of A Call to Greatness. It was a great exploration into how intuitive thinking can serve the businessperson in very practical and tangible ways.

Carrie says that the expansion of her business began with getting in touch with her intuition. This didn’t mean denying her practical nature; rather, it meant incorporating her “right-brained” self into her left-brained business.

One of Carrie’s primary gifts is intuitive hearing: she quiets her mind, asks a question, and listens for the answer. She started with a “word of the day,” which she would write down without allowing her mind to ask any questions. While the word might not make sense immediately, she would understand it clearly by the end of the day. Every morning, she put herself “in the pocket,” until she was able to slip into that receptive state comfortably and easily. Then, she moved on to asking bigger, more complicated questions. Always, the answers she received guided her in the right direction.

Before a big interview for a consulting job, Carrie went into the ladies room with a scrap of paper, and asked, “How should I approach this?” The startling answer she got was, “Don’t let her get away with it!”

The woman Carrie was meeting with had recently left the job that Carrie was going to be taking over. She seemed so nice—but suddenly, Carrie realized that the plan the woman had been outlining was completely unsubstantiated. “She had written this project plan with these milestone dates with absolutely no possibility of hitting those dates, and no backup behind them. It was all because I had that message in my head…it opened up the whole project for me.” Carrie ended up working with the company for seven years. Her success was founded on the fact that she was able to approach the project from a realistic, grounded viewpoint, instead of basing her targets on the unrealistic plan her predecessor had thrown at her.

Later in the interview, Carrie gave another example of how her intuition served her in her relationship with her boss. “I had this one woman I was working with. She and I had an interesting connection. Before I met with her I would always tune in, and I would get this great advice…She was the senior Vice President where I was working and I had a weekly status meeting with her. One time, I had this long agenda of all these things I needed to go over with her. 10 minutes before the meeting, I went into my space, and asked, how should I approach this? The message I got was, ‘She’s very busy. You’ll have one minute. Just bring up one thing—that’s all.’ So I went through and changed my whole agenda. When I walked in, she said, ‘Oh, Carrie, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. I have to cancel today’s meeting. I’m so busy.’ And I said, ‘That’s okay, I’ll only take one minute. I just have this one important point to talk to you about.’”

You can also use your intuition to prioritize tasks based on the demands of the day. If you have a list of people you need to call or e-mail, write it out on a piece of paper. Sometimes, names will just jump out at you, or appear to be ringed with light. These are the people you should prioritize. Also make sure the questions you ask of your intuition are open-ended, because sometimes the answer you receive won’t be the one you were expecting—as was the case for Carrie in her interview. “You’ll get answers at the level at which you ask questions,” Carrie says. “If I allow my intuition to truly be my guide, I can be led to things much grander than what my limited question might be asking for.”

Engaging your intuition takes practice, just like anything else. A short daily Q&A session is a great way to get in touch with those “gut feelings” that can guide you through challenging moments. To learn more about Carrie, check out www.carriehart.com. Her other web site, www.poweranimalsunleashed.com, is a great example of an interactive web site that melds technology with intuition.

Listen to the full interview http://www.blogtalkradio.com/coach-dq

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