Many of us believe that in order to be successful, we have to work a zillion hours a week, sacrifice the things that give us pleasure, and generally become work machines.

For a very few people, this sort of driving energy is natural. For most of us, it’s a short road to mental and physical exhaustion.
In my article Baby Steps, I talked about the yin/yang balance represented by the feet. In the same way that we need both feet on the ground to be steady, we need to incorporate yin success practices into our daily routines to complement the yang of our work ethic.

Yin success practices are any activities that allow you to reconnect to your purpose and your larger goals, center your mind, and gaze inward. Examples include Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, prayer, a solitary walk, or pursuing a favorite hobby. My personal yin practice includes daily Reiki and stretching. These aren’t success tools in the usual way: while doing them, I’m not actively pursuing my goals. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good use of my time.

When you spend the time to look inward instead of outward, you gain a new and different perspective on your goals, your methods, and your overall purpose. You learn more about you.

A daily yin success practices can help you discover what activities will be most suited to you on that day. If, for example, your daily yoga practice reveals that you’re feeling tired and a bit antisocial, it’s probably not a good day for cold-calling potential clients, but it might be a great day to get your bookkeeping in order. Yin practices teach you to work within the ebb and flow of life, instead of fighting it.

Taking daily “quiet time” also gives your innermost thoughts a chance to come to light. Nathaniel Branden, the contemporary American psychologist, wrote that, “Sometimes the subconscious mind manifests a wisdom several steps or even years ahead of the conscious mind, and has its own way of leading us to our destiny.” Leaving the conscious mind “on” all the time is like living in a house where the television is always blaring. You’ll be amazed what you can learn if you can turn off the internal chatter for five or ten minutes.

Finally, yin success practices honor your most valuable asset: you! If you don’t change your oil, your car might break down. If you don’t take time to recharge and reconnect, you might find yourself burned out and feeling lost.

Some of the world’s most successful people claim that yin practices have given them the edge they needed to make it to the top. To quote Matsuo Basho: “Don’t follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought.” To learn more about how to put yin success practices to work for you, give me a call!

Coach DQ’s Challenge

Take one full day to disconnect from technology and at the end of the day journal. Write down any new creative ideas or solutions you came up with, note any special moments you had with the important people in your life because you were more consciously engaged. I As always, I welcome you to email me and share what unique thing happened to you that day? Go ahead! Take the Challenge!

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As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!


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