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Altruistic, self-sacrificial, and humanistic. They all mean the same thing but can you truly relate to any of these words?
No doubt, these words can seem daunting for most people. It is hard to self-describe yourself as altruistic and you probably think of people, so-called humanitarians, saints, or an eleemosynary who spend all of their time trying to make the world a better place. Don’t worry, you can still be an altruist without staging protests, buying organic or volunteering. What you actually need to do is make the conscious decision to align your personal values and ideals with your actions. Do not say you believe in something and then turn your back on that belief when action is necessary. One area this can take place is by creating a balance between your work and personal life. When this happens, you will be able to find a deeper sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment in every area of your life.

This sounds easier said than done. Unfortunately, finding this balance or alignment can be difficult and help may be necessary. A major problem is that we often separate our work selves from the rest of ourselves, and it often happens that our actions on the job are the opposite or run counter to the ideals we truly believe in. Have you ever met the eco-activist who works for the chemical plant or a health nut that serves you at McDonalds? What about the pharmaceutical salesman who only takes herbal remedies? This type of individual, and the many others who struggle to stay true to themselves, need to bridge the gap in the separation of their lives and decide what important issues they actually believe. Once they can take this step, they can begin to practice what they preach.
While the examples provided above are to the extreme, the split is often not that obvious. It can simply come in the form of a working mom who wishes she could spend more time with her kids instead of traveling for work, or an ad designer who works adamantly but doesn’t believe in the product he sells. It is this type of internal conflict that can also cause people to feel unbalanced. They feel tied to their work despite the doubts that inflict them. They may be lured by the great benefits package, or the golden handcuff of an executive salary or maybe it is just simple convenience. For whatever reason, this disconnect is the cause of conflict and creates stress.
If you feel an imbalance between your work self and your altruistic self, maybe it is time to think about what is causing this disconnect and begin shifting your career perspective and that is what I am here for. My BRIDGE program can help you align your ideals with your professional goals and create the balance you desire. You don’t need to have your personal definition of altruism ready when you begin the process with me. You just have to know that you’re ready for change!
If you want to begin to define your altruistic self and find a more fulfilling work life consider visiting me at I look forward to hearing from you!
Coach DQ’s Challenge
This week take some time to reflect on your beliefs and ideals. Do they match how you live your life at home and at work? Are there any BRIDGES in your life that need to be closed? Pick one ideal that you want to focus on and make sure you take steps of actions towards living that ideal. At the end of the week, reassess how you feel. Has it made a difference in your life?

As a certified professional coach, radio show host and workshop leader, Dawn helps sales, marketing, advertising and creative entrepreneurs to accelerate their career so they’ll love their life!

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